Competent Contractors

The competence of a contractor on site is measured not only by the finishedproduct but during the building process by the organisation on site.  Building sites should be kept clean and tidy on a daily basis.  The culture of cleaniless is infectious, and everyone involved in the process will take more care on a site where the Supervisor insists on a clean working environment. Piles of rubbish encourage littering and carelessness.

A tidy well managed site lends itself to the production of a quality product.

Care of Timber Products

External timber is often exposed to harsh weather conditions that include high temperatures, UV radiation, and large humidity variations. Most species of unprotected timber will quickly react to these conditions.  The cells of the wood swell when moisture is absorbed, and then shrink when they dry out.  Joints open up, and the timber cracks, warps and splits.

Joinery should be stored under cover in a dry, well-ventilated area where it will not have to be moved before installation, other than for sealing or painting.  Doors should be stored flat, and not on end or edge.

Before any wooden joinery is built in or exposed to the elements, it must be properly sealed or primed on all faces and all edges, over and above the manufacturers delivery coat.

Once built in it also needs to have protection from wheelbarrows, scaffolding, excessive motar, and all the other hazards of a building site.

Weather facing timber doors and windows are prone to leaking due to wind and rain.  Doors especially should be protected from the elements with a roof or covered area. The manufacturing process can allow for door frames to be fitted with seals if this is especially requested prior to manufacture.

Care of Sanitaryware

Sanitaryware should be cleaned with liquid detergents which do not have any "scouring" ingredients.

Care of Stainless Steel Sinks

Steel wool is a no-no - it only scratches the metal.  Treat s/s as one would glazed sanitaryware.

Care of External Paving

Paving must be laid to reasonable falls to allow water not to pool on the surface. The annual application of weed killer will prevent weeds growing in the joints which is the cause of most paving failures.     

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