Employees have lodged grievances around the disrespectful behaviour  Building Foreman, Site Managers and Management show towards them when handling labour issues. While some might be seen as trivial issues, racial disrespect can lead to prosecution in more serious cases.

In order to remedy the situation we are able to secure an Assertiveness  in Practice program that is used world wide. The Institute of Race Relations and the Human Rights Commission support an  identical program.

This program generally gives the candidates an exposure to dealing with employees respectfully and diplomatically without showing any weaknesses in their displeasure with respect to poor performance, absenteeism, etc.
The course is aimed at people who will benefit from developing their self-esteem and assertiveness. While people who are generally confident will benefit by refreshing their assertiveness skills, the course is especially helpful to learners who battle to be assertive in work situations.
Assertiveness skills are a foundation for self-awareness and better relationships with others in the workplace. The resources that you will be introduced to can help you to transform the way you manage yourself, and help to improve your relationships with others. It is very difficult to be a manager unless you have mastered assertiveness skills.
The program is over two days and can be offered on two consecutive Saturdays.
Ideally there should be 14 candidates per program.
The program will be offered FREE to our members and at a minimal cost  of  R400 plus VAT to our probationary members.
Dates and Venues will be finalised depending on the support

 Please complete  Booking Form- ASSERTIVENESS WORKSHOP  and return to adele@mbawc.org.za 
Avoid prosecution or having to appear  before the  Equality Court

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