Published: 2011-07-01

Each MBA is autonomous and has its own code of ethics, rules for membership, services to members, etc.  Our mission is indeed to promote quality and standards in the building industry, and the MBA also carry this through to their member companies.  The aim of the Association is informative and provides guidelines for good practice and fair competition, to the ultimate benefit of all stakeholders within the built environment.  

In this regard the Association will endeavour to resolve complaints received in a fair and equitable manner, with due regard to the circumstances and industry norm. The Association cannot, thus, guarantee that the complaint will be solved to the satisfaction of one, or both parties, but will endeavour by all means at it's disposal to do so. 

It must be noted the the MBA is a voluntary Association of Contractors.  There is no legal requirement that contractors must belong to the Association and as such, the Association does not have the jurisdiction to be prescriptive.



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