Published: 2009-03-14

"I thought that if I used a Master Builder I would be assured of getting a better service and of having some recourse to the Master Builders Association if I experienced problems with my builder."

The above statement is often made by clients when complaining to the MBA after a bad experience with their building contractor. The MBA advertises the services of its members in a number of different ways however the primary objective is to influence the public to use an MBA member rather than a non-member whether through advertising features, the MBA's website or the annual Membership Directory. The theme that we use is the same "Build with the Best". The question is, are we the best? Do our members deliver a quality product and a first class service to their clients. These are questions we must ask ourselves before we go out boldly advertising "Build with the Best". I hope the answer is "YES" but if it is not then it must be the objective of every member to strive towards this goal. Help us to help you!.


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