Published: 2009-03-03

There is a saying that says, "Charity begins at home". The principle of this old saying is that one should first take care of one's own. It would therefore make sense to promote a policy of supporting members of your own Association be they subcontractors, suppliers or building contractors. Are you supporting your fellow MBA member not only by awarding of contracts but also in the implementation thereof? Are you adhering to recognized contractual conditions in your dealings with other MBA members? Subcontractors, are you delivering the kind of service that the main contractor would expect from a Member? Main Contractors, are you delivering the kind of service to your subcontractors that they would expect from a Master Builder? In asking the above two questions I am of course referring to performance. Performance relates to completing the work on time, on budget and to the required specification. Performance also includes making payment to your subcontractors and suppliers on time and as per your contractual agreement. Performance includes ensuring that final accounts are settled on time and that fellow MBA members are not left waiting for payment months and fake rolex sometimes years after completion of work.

Let's get our house in order so that we can confidently go out and market the services of the MBA members using powerful slogans such as "Build with the Best" or "Is your builder a Master Builder".

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