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C & L News
Is an Adjudicator's determination final and binding?
Jonathan Mitchell
Frequently after an Adjudicator has made a Determination in a dispute, the defaulting party simply rejects the Determination of the Adjudicator and proceeds to Arbitration, without acting upon the Adjudicator's Determination.

Note that in most Adjudication procedures and Adjudication Rules, the Determination of the Adjudicator is binding, but may not necessarily be final.
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OHS News
Workman's Compensation
Deon Bester
Workman's compensation cover is something that all employees need to have irrespective of the type of work performed. The Construction Regulations are the only Regulation that require a client and a principal contractor ensure that any contractor being appointed is registered and in good standing. This can only be achieved by providing the client or principal contractor with a letter of good standing either issued by the Compensation Commissioner, FEM or RMA, the latter being licensed to provide cover in the metal industry and the mining sector.    Read more ....
Medium Term Budget Policy 
24 October 2018
The 4-letter word Mboweni used most in his mini budget speech    Read more ...

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MBAWC Skills        
Letitia van Rensburg

The first, of 3 Assertiveness (1-day) courses was hosted on 29th October 2018 at the J&J Belmont Square Conference Centre.  

During recent months employees have lodged grievances and complaints around disrespectful behaviour from Building Foremen, Site Managers and Management -showing little regard around how labour and communication issues are handled. While some might be seen as trivial, racial disrespect can lead to prosecution in more serious cases. 
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OHS News
TB is a disease caused by the Mycobacterium tuberculosis bacteria. The disease is mainly in the lungs (pulmonary TB), but the germ can travel to other parts of the body (extrapulmonary TB) and sometimes can be in multiple parts of the body (military or disseminated TB). * TB is spread when someone who is sick with TB in his/her lungs coughs, sneezes, talks or sings and sprays the TB germ into the air and the other person inhale that air. When someone spends time with that person, he/she can breathe in the TB germ and become infected.                   Read more ....
Master Builders Insurance  
Construction Insurance
Latest Trends
Ron Petersen    
South Africa's construction sector has faced numerous challenges in recent years, impacting its overall contribution to the country's GDP. Decreased government spending (specifically); allegations of collusion; rising costs of plant, equipment and materials; talent shortages; and a general, low-growth environment are at the top of the list of challenges.
To make matters worse, the NatCat events of 2017 which led to immense financial losses within the property sector, also considerably increased reinsurance premiums.
Despite this, the sector's ability to continue attracting much-needed foreign direct investment as well as local investments to spur growth, remains encouraging.
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P0151 - Contract Price Adjustment Provisions Work Group Indices September 2018     Read more ...     

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15 NOV 2018
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