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Master Builders Association W.Cape Newsletter
ED. 31 :     AUGUST  2018
From the desk of the Executive Director: 
 Given the current state of the industry, coupled to all of the alarming news and surprises that are emerging from the political scene, I am sure that the members are mightily relieved by the recovery of the dams in our region, following the recent rainfalls across the Western Cape.
The average storage levels now exceed 60% and the situation is looking much more hopeful, given the dire circumstances that prevailed at the end of summer. That being said, continued vigilance and frugal usage is essential to ensure that the precious water resource is never again taken for granted!
I would like to continue this article on the positive note that the opening paragraphs have set, by amplifying the real financial benefits to be had by employers in the building industry, who engage in the formal training of apprentices.
These benefits are available as a result of The Dept of Labour bringing in new laws to develop the skills of the citizens of our country.          Read more ...    

MBAWC News         
Membership News
Welcome to the following companies who have recently been admitted as new members. The MBA extends its wishes to them for a long and fruitful association with us.

Fairbrother Construction CC

The following companies are no longer members of the association:

All Glass, Montague Gardens
Devco Property Development Corporation (Pty) Ltd
Glassmen (Pty) Ltd
Knez Construction CC
LA Development
Nodicbau Masterbuilders t/a LiftUp Teleporter
Urban Space Property Group   
MBAWC News         
Womens month event
The MBAWC Marketing Committee very proudly hosted a Woman's Month Event for a number of female senior company representatives on 30 August 2018 at the Belmont Square Conference Facilities.  

The event kicked off to an exciting start as the guests arrived early, clearly in anticipation of a much needed "afternoon off". Little did they know that the afternoon involved WORK coupled with a bit of leisure on the side.   
                                                                 Read more ...
C&L News          
Update on Contractual & Legal News
Jim Garner
Finally, we were promised issue of the 2018 JBCC document in the week of 22 August.
That has passed. We have been told that the Principal Contract Document and its Contract Data has been received by JBCC from the printer.
We await confirmation that the Nominated/Selected Agreement is also back from the printer, but there is no definite news of the Minor Works Agreement and the JBCC Standard Preliminaries, but these are expected to follow shortly.
None of the document can be distributed to the MBAs and other constituents until full sets, including support documents, are available.
Also required are Domestic Subcontract Agreement for use with a) the PBA and b) the MWA. MBSA have tried their best to bring these timeously to the market. Drafts have been sent to the various MBAs with a request for any comments or required corrections to be submitted by the end of August. The document cannot be finalised until receipt of the JBCC 2018 documents as the domestic subcontract documents must be checked as aligning correctly with the JBCC Agreement that is applicable.
Further revised drafts of the Adjudication Rules and Prompt Payment Regulations have been received from CIDB and comments have been submitted. There are still serious concerns, mainly on previously raised aspects. The most serious is that it is CIDB's intention to publish these as Best Practice Standards. That does not carry a legal requirement for compliance, but CIDB may be able to bring pressure to bear via a Project Register. It is the Public Sector and Employers who we need to be required to comply with reasonable requirements. It is anticipated that at some stage subcontractors may be assisted by the incorporation of a Standard forbidding pay when paid clauses, but this has been promised for several years without being implemented.
A new requirement for contractors and subcontractors is limitless patience!      
MBAWC Skills Report 
Tony Keal
Our Director in his Newsletter has clearly spelt out the benefit of employing apprentices. The number of building artisans has decreased to the point that at the end of July only 1431 were employed in the Cape Town/Boland as per the latest BIBC statistics. Of greater concern is that less than 100 apprentices are registered on the BIBC data base. The majority of whom are employed by our Association.
                                        Read more ...   
Master Builders Insurance  
The Contract - and be careful of construction defects leading to rejection of insurance claims
Ron Petersen    
It is important for building contracts to be clear and unambiguous and to set out the time periods and responsibilities of all parties in an understandable manner. In cases of disputes the dispute resolution process is to be fair and transparent to all parties involved.
Whether you are a builder, supplier or engineer and require advice in the construction sector we deliver expert services concerning the relevant agreements found in the building industry.

The Consumer Protection Act has been in effect since 2011. Other legislation has been around to protect consumers in the building industry. One of these items of legislation is known as the Housing Consumers Protection Act and prescribes that no person shall construct a home unless that person is a registered home builder.      Read more ...     

Contract Documentation Prices

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CPAP Indices:
P0151 - Contract Price Adjustment Provisions Work Group Indices  July 2018     Read more ...       

P0141 - Consumer Price Index  July 2018    Read more ..     
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C&L News
Jonathan Mitchell   

In order for there firstly to be an Arbitration there needs to be a dispute between the parties. This dispute typically is either for non-payment from the Employer to a Contractor; or from a Contractor to a Sub-Contractor; or alternatively is a dispute over alleged defective building work which the Employer is not satisfied with, but which the Contractor believes is satisfactory.                           Read more ....
OHS News
Deon Bester
Road safety in South Africa ranks as one of the worst in the World and yet we seem to be unable to address this issue effectively.
The current statistics regarding fatalities on our roads for 2016 and 2017 are as follows:
  • 2016                14071
  • 2017                14050
The passenger capacity of a Boeing 737-800, which is commonly used in South Africa is 189 people. So, based on this number, the road fatalities equate to 1.5 Boeing 737-800's crashing every week killing all  of the passengers.  
                                                               Read more ....
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