A member shall conduct their business in a just and honourable manner and shall, in their dealings with clients, with members of the professions, other contractors and subcontractors, suppliers and employees, maintain at all times the high standard of business integrity required by the Association.

A member is required to possess the necessary technical qualifications, knowledge and practical experience, or to employ in a position of responsibility a person or persons having such qualifications, knowledge and experience, to ensure that all work is of good quality and is carried out in a workmanlike and economical manner.

A member is expected to satisfy the building requirements of their clients by observing the spirit, as well as complying with the letter, of his contractual obligations and to handle all business transactions with fairness and honour.

A member is expected to organise their business administration effectively, to maintain adequate financial resources for the proper discharge of all their contractual obligations, to assist wherever possible with the training of the future skilled manpower needs of the industry and where applicable, to comply with all the wage regulating measures negotiated and entered into between the Association and the trade unions.

A member is expected to try to persuade all qualified and suitable firms and individuals to join and strengthen the Association.

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